Top 4 WordPress Project Management Plugins

WordPress is a marketing technology for many companies. They use it for many tasks like e-commerce, marketing and others. It’s not surprising that the users rely on project management. When you have a WordPress website that has a large number of publications and it requires frequent updates and replies to comments things get ugly. Thankfully, there are some great WordPress plugins that can help you with project management on your site.

Here’s a short list of the top WordPress project management plugins for you to quickly browse through.

1. CQPIM WordPress Project Management


CQPIM WordPress Project Management is a full-feature project management plugin for WordPress. The plugin aims to combine every aspect of project management into one place, and includes many features that will help both freelancers and agencies to get their projects organised and their communications clear, so that everyone working on the projects knows exactly where they are, at any time.

2. Project Manager by UpStream


Project Manager by UpStream plugin is a free project management plugin. The UpStream core is totally free. UpStream allows you to manage any type of project from inside your WordPress site.

Why Project Manager by UpStream:

  • Built-in roles for managers and users (no need for an additional plugin)
  • Client users with contact details and custom fields
  • Bug tracking and Discussion threads
  • 3. Kanban Boards for WordPress


    Kanban Boards for WordPress are best known for agile project management, but work well for customer relationship management (CRM), tracking sales, scheduling content publishing, hiring new employees, and more. Estimate how long you think tasks will take, then track your hours to see the progress of tasks as they get done. Kanban for WordPress lets you focus on our work and not waste time managing tasks.

    4. Smarty Pants Client Project & Document Manager


    Smarty Pants Client Project & Document Manager plugin You can organize, manage client, student & supplier documents and accounts, control individual documents, and select specific distribution of documents all in an easy to manage online process. The plugin also demonstrates how quickly a business can take hold of their interactions with clients, sales organization, vendors, and all in between.